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Phase 1 Project Status Update


JULY 25, 2023 - After a successful community input session and design charrette, we have been working fervently over the past year to bring the Renew Jordan Creek project to reality.  Though having dealt with a number of financial, cultural, and construction challenges; we are pleased to announce that the project is moving forward to create the urban amenity that the City of Springfield deserves.  Through coordination with the City, our design/construction team, and community input we are confident that the Renew Jordan Creek project will serve as an urban gem providing recreation and pedestrian connectivity enhancements in a safe environment for all of the community.  

The City of Springfield is delighted to announce the final plans for a transformative urban park and storm water enhancement project aimed at enhancing the city’s sustainability efforts and promoting community well-being.  This innovative initiative reflects the City’s commitment to creating vibrant public spaces that prioritize both environmental stewardship and the needs of its residents.

Project Schedule Update

The Olsson design team is pleased to have submitted our 90% plans to the City for review and have presented plans and renderings to City Council.  Final plans are anticipated to be completed by the end of September.  We are continuing to coordinate with BNSF, the Army Corp of Engineers, State Historic Preservation Office, and several tribal agencies.  It is anticipated that the Environmental and Cultural Permitting will occur in the Fall of 2023 and that Bidding and Construction will commence in the Spring of 2024.   Final construction should be completed in the late fall of 2025 or early Spring of 2026. 

Phase 1 Project Funding Breakdown

Budget Sources & Uses

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Project Overview

What's the story behind Jordan Creek?

In the late 1990s, the Springfield community came together to form a collective vision for a community gathering place – Jordan Valley Park. This vision that was cast nearly 30 years ago still rings true today. So much so that in 2020, City Council identified the concept of "Quality of Place" as a priority for the community, and the Renew Jordan Creek project (project) demonstrates this ideal.

This is a planning and design process focused heavily on public engagement in 2021. The community was asked to share their thoughts and ideas for this important project to make sure it reflects local desires.


With the community vision cast in summer 2021, design for the project began. This phase of the project involves significant modifications to existing floodplain and floodway areas along Jordan Creek and may entail daylighting portions of Jordan Creek currently confined within the concrete box culverts (daylighting refers to the restoration of a stream back to a more natural state).

What's the Phase 1 Project area?

The Phase 1 Project area consists of two large blocks in the urbanized center of Jordan Valley Park, bordered on the east by Boonville Avenue, Water Street and the railway on the south, Main Avenue on the west, and Mill Street on the north. Additionally, the Renew Jordan Creek Master Plan studied an area that includes Founders Park and the property at 404 North Jefferson Avenue.

Project Area Map.jpg

Why are we looking at Founders Park?

The project provides us with an important opportunity to include Founders Park in the greater Renew Jordan Creek master planning project to reinvigorate the park and capitalize on the park's location and connectivity to the Jordan Creek greenway. Please note that construction costs to enhance Founders Park are not funded at this time.

The Renew Jordan Creek project is only one part of a big picture planning effort and other large-scale improvements in the downtown area, largely focused on water quality improvement and flood reduction. Keep scrolling to learn more about the related area projects. 

What are the project goals?

The Master Plan is envisioned to serve as an urban amenity within Springfield that will encourage private redevelopment in this part of downtown. Project components include:


Pedestrian and Connectivity Enhancements

Pedestrian access and greenway connectivity will be improved through downtown, and hardscape elements for pedestrian gathering, walking, and viewing will be added.


Comfort and Safety Improvements

Site furnishings, lighting, accessories, and art installations will provide for a comfortable, stimulating, and safe environment that accommodates planned and organic activities.


Sustainable Greenspaces Integration

To honor the environmental features of this area, landscaping will demonstrate and promote sustainability. Plant materials will be Missouri natives that are well suited for Ozark landscapes near water features and complementary to other nearby urban greenspaces.


Sense of Place Development

A 19th-century stone arch bridge that is currently encapsulated by the box culvert at Campbell Avenue may be uncovered and restored. The project design will create a strong sense of place, grounded in the specific characteristics of its site, and celebrate nature and urban life.


Flood Reduction and Water Quality Improvement

As the first piece of a larger project that will protect existing buildings from the base flood, Renew Jordan Creek must be a functional space that conveys flood flows to reduce existing flood issues. The design of the urban amenity must also be conscious of existing water quality issues and provide solutions to reduce polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons.

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Public Engagement to Date

Thank you to everyone who participated in each virtual public engagement opportunity. Your feedback was a crucial component to the creation of the Master Plan. To revisit each engagement event, click the button below.


Project Downloads

Updated Phase 1 Renderings

Master Plan Site Video Tours

Learn more about the three project sites by clicking the buttons below.

RJC Master Plan

Review the RJC Master Plan document, or view the recording of the City Council presentation about the RJC Master Plan. You may also click through a PDF of the same presentation on your own, by clicking the buttons below.

Related Area Projects

The Renew Jordan Creek project is only one part of a big picture planning effort and other large-scale improvements in the downtown area. Learn more below.


Grant Avenue Parkway

The Grant Avenue Parkway will create an off-street pedestrian and bicycle pathway along Grant Avenue between Sunshine Street and College Street, in the heart of Springfield. The 3-mile stretch will connect downtown Springfield with authentic Springfield experiences and further connect parks and recreation amenities. The route includes a downtown loop that includes Main Avenue, Mill Street, and Boonville Avenue – the three streets at the perimeter of the Renew Jordan Creek site.


Forward SGF

Forward SGF is the City of Springfield's new Comprehensive Plan. The planning process is currently underway. The Forward SGF Comprehensive Plan will be a tool used by the city to direct future growth and development and make policies and decisions that shape our region. 


In addition to the Comprehensive Plan, Forward SGF includes planning for catalyst sites downtown, including the open space on the south side of Water Street between Boonville Avenue and Main Avenue, and the south half of the block north of the project site between Main Avenue and Campbell Avenue. The planning work for these sites, all of which are controlled by public owners, will occur concurrent with Renew Jordan Creek planning efforts, and will identify appropriate and achievable development scenarios that interact and complement the daylighted creek.

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