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Thanks for attending virtual Public Open House #2 for the Renew Jordan Creek Master Plan.

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First, please watch this welcome video from the planning team.

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 Hannah Kroll - Project Planner 

What's a Master Plan?

A master plan is a long-range document that guides the  development of a particular area. It is a road map of sorts that helps us visualize where you want to go and the path to reach that destination. This plan is just one part of the larger Jordan Valley Greenway Improvement Plan.


Your input in the master planning process is essential in determining the destination—the vision—for three areas along Jordan Creek (see the project area map). The master plan:

  • Analyzes and determines best management practices for floodwater mitigation and water quality improvements;

  • Sets recommendations for daylighting Jordan Creek and programming the project sites; and

  • Initiates a city-wide effort to reflect its needs and desires and help direct future decision making.

What's included in a Master Plan?


A description of the condition of Jordan Creek and Jordan Valley, including water and flood data, economic and market conditions, and surrounding land uses.


Clear vision and goals for future development and improvements by speaking with community members.


Recommended site improvement projects and programming to achieve the vision and meet the goals.

What geographic area does the Master Plan consider?

The project area consists of two large blocks in the urbanized center of Jordan Valley Park, bordered on the east by Boonville Avenue, Water Street and the railway on the south, Main Avenue on the west, and Mill Street on the north. Additionally, the project area includes Founders Park and the property at 404 North Jefferson Avenue.

Project Area Map.jpg

 Ready to give feedback? 

With the background information provided on this webpage in mind, you're ready to share your voice! Click the button below and you will be automatically directed to another secure site. There, you can review the master plan concepts and provide input. A tutorial on how to use the commenting tool is available at the button below. Please watch the tutorial and return to this page before clicking the Give Feedback button.

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